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FLIR Marke (kortrijk)

The job For the embedded software team we are looking for a dynamic team lead. The typical work flow starts with a product manager who defines a new product or a change to an existing product. Together with this product manager, the project lead and your own team, you will define what is possible (and what is not), what are the risks, how to mitigate them, tasks for the team members, work estimates, priorities, timing, etc.

Your role

As embedded software team lead:
- You are responsible for the firmware in all products. Deliver the firmware taking into account the agreed timing, development effort, scope and quality.
- You can motivate people, challenge them and help them out where needed
- You make sure your team works together in an efficient and pleasant way
- You make sure that the firmware development is synced with the work of the other teams. As such you work in close collaboration with the other team leads, in particular product quality, AI and hardware.

Your profile

In terms of development tools and processes:
- Most people use Linux as their primary desktop operating system
- All firmware is written in C++17 running on embedded Linux inside the traffic cameras
- The SoCs used are mainly from NXP I.MX family and Ambarella CV family
- All code is version controlled in Git/Bitbucket
- All code is reviewed by at least 2 other people
- Most code is unit tested
- Jenkins servers are used as part of a nightly build and continuous integration system
- Confluence is used as an engineering documentation system
- JIRA is used for defining products, versions, work back logs, priorities, time logs, etc

You're driven by

Purpose & Creativity & Knowledge & Leadership

What we offer

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About us

The company is the world's largest (4000+ people) commercial company specializing in the design and production of thermal imaging cameras, components and imaging sensors. Founded in 1978, the company makes thermal cameras and components for a wide variety of commercial and government applications.
The ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) division of FLIR ( is located in Kortrijk (Belgium). We develop and commercialize smart cameras to make road traffic safer and more efficient. We are a team of around 100 people and have a yearly revenue of around €50M.
We thank our strong image and market position to a clear long term vision and a strategy that is highly focused on innovation. We believe it is important people can be proud of what they do. This reflects in the great products we make and the clear link with how these products improve people’s lives.

The products
Our cameras can automatically detect people, vehicles, bicycles in traffic scenes and take appropriate action. The applications are numerous going from detecting fire in tunnels, over detecting traffic jams on highways to counting how many people are waiting to cross the street. The underlaying need is always to make traffic safer and smoother. As an example, the following video ( illustrates how we helped the city of Darmstadt (Germany) solve their traffic congestion and safety problems. Our products are being sold on a worldwide scale with a team of sales people that are based around the globe. For installation and configuration of our cameras we partner with a network of system integrators.

The team
The research and development of our products is done in Kortrijk (Belgium) and Denver (US). The structure of the R&D team is shown below. There are 6 sub-teams of engineers each focusing on a their own specific technical field. The people in one sub-team are typically seated close to each other and are headed by a technical lead who is in charge of the day to day management of his/her team. You will lead the Embedded Software team. 

Our location

Hospitaalweg 1 Marke (kortrijk)