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Looking for a new challenge? Great! We are looking for you, as an ambitious professional with a clear view, ready to build tomorrow’s best digital products.

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  • You have a continuous desire to explore new technologies, trends, and best practices in the software development industry.
  • Going the extra mile to meet a deadline? Of course!
  • You can keep your cool in stressful situations.
  • Working in a motived team gives you tremendous energy. You love to collaborate with designers, developers and stakeholders to achieve product goals.
  • You have a genuine passion for coding, problem-solving and building robust software applications.

Your profile

  • You're proficient in both front and back-end technologies with the ability to handle various parts of the development stack.
  • You excel in communication skills to articulate ideas, explain technical concepts and collaborate effectively.
  • Building scalable and distributed systems using microservices architecture? That's what you do.
  • You know all about security best practices, including secure coding principles.
  • You prioritize code quality and hold principles like Test-Driven Development (TDD) and integration testing in high regard.
  • You're familiar with DevOps principles, tools and practices, including CI/CD pipelines for seamless integration and deployment.

Your experience

  • You are experienced in building responsive and user-friendly web interfaces using HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular or Vue.js.
  • Proficiency in server-side programming languages like Java, Python, or Node.js and frameworks like Spring Boot, Django or Express.js? No problem!
  • You have experience in designing and developing RESTful APIs, including knowledge of API best practices and tools like Swagger or Postman.
  • You're familiar with cloud platforms like AWS or Azure, including deployment in a cloud environment.
  • Working with containerization technologies like Docker and/or Kubernetes is nothing new for you.
  • You can prove practical knowledge and experience with relational databases.
  • You're comfortable working in an Agile environment, particularly in a Scrum framework.

In this job you'll find:

Specialisation & Creativity & Depth & Influence & Structure & (Financial) reward & Social interaction & Assurance & Independence & Energy

What we offer

Working at a Great Workplace® is more than just a title! It’s the feeling you get when your colleagues are like minded souls, passionate about their work and helping each other grow as individuals, while making an impact on large scale projects that will change lives for generations ahead. It truly does have lasting effects!

Our knowledge sessions help employees gain new insights from experts who share our values so we can come together as one team tackling tough challenges with high confidence. Next to the passion to work hard for success, we like to play hard! Look no further than our various social events! These activities will help you feel at home in the office quickly with other colleagues. One of which - our annual ski trip - is legendary, it’s one event where people always look forward to because there’s plenty of time spent together outside in the Austrian mountains. What better way to get to know your teammates than on a winter holiday?

The above perks are of course supplemented with an attractive salary, a range of fringe benefits including a premium company car, fuel card, group and hospitalization insurance and numerous group discounts.

About us

The Value Hub is een ambitieus ecosysteem van business- en technologie-experts die zich richten op het ondersteunen van organisaties bij het ontwerpen en implementeren van partnerships met klanten. Dit om succesvol digitale producten te bouwen en te lanceren. Meer weten? Lees hier verder!

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