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If you’re not a recruitment agency, what are you?

&Work is a career platform using innovative tools that go beyond CVs to paint a more complete picture than stats ever could. We help you find out what makes your company unique, what drives you and what you stand for as a brand. And we do the same for (latent) job seekers. To ultimately connect you to the people who share your passion, ambition and enthusiasm, and who will work for your company with great pleasure. People are more than their CVs. Instead of giving a unique insight into someone's personality, resumes often make every candidate look the same. Hidden between the figures, graphs, dates and job titles is the information that you really want to know as an employer. What motivates someone? What do people value in their work? Which future are they envisioning? What kind of personality does a person have and what work and company are fitting? We’re more than just a job board: we go the extra mile.