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Are you looking for a new job? Companies are still looking for you. Do you have any questions about what &Work can do for you or what the application process looks like? We've highlighted the most frequently asked questions for you.

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5 frequently asked questions about applying:

Absolutely. We have spoken to the majority of our customers and nearly all vacancies remain open. Some companies are in need of extra hands more than ever before. So do apply for the vacancies that suit you and your life.
Of course, we will not ask you to appear on-site for an interview—all interviews are currently conducted by telephone or video calling.
We offer you a digital platform that lets you get in contact with the companies behind the jobs that spark your interest. You can search for jobs that exactly match your needs, you can save searches, do short tests to find out more about what suits you and get to know the companies we work with. And we’re here to support you during every next step towards a new job.
Work is, without a doubt, an essential part of life. And it’s most rewarding when it goes beyond simply earning a paycheck. When it becomes a place where you find meaning, passion, glory, recognition and fun. &Work is a career platform using innovative tools that go beyond CVs to paint a more complete picture than stats ever could. We help you discover who you are, what drives you and where you belong. To ultimately connect you to the people who share your passion, ambition and enthusiasm. Work that fits your world.
Do you truly know the companies you work with?
To make the perfect connection between you and your future employer, we get to know all companies in our database. We are not satisfied with "quick fixes" but are looking for a long-term cooperation. A good and reliable cooperation between you and your future employer, between you and &Work and between your future employer and &Work. In this way we ensure you do not just end up somewhere, but in an environment that fits you, your wishes and your ambitions.
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&Work guides you to work that matches your ambitions, wishes, talents and personality — your world. For anyone who's looking for a new place, a new colleague or who simply wants to get more out of their career.

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